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September Favourites & October Outlook

September Favourites

1. My Favorite Murder Live Show
As I'm sure many people know, especially those who follow my twitter or know me in real life, this was the event I was looking forward to for so long. After all that build up and excitement it still managed to beat all my very high expectations. I met many amazing Murderinos, the show was epic and meeting Karen, Georgia & Steven was just the icing on the very amazing cake that was that weekend. Karen & Georgia are as nice and genuine in real life as you would imagine from the podcast. I also had a great conversation with Steven about Dinosaurs & Cats. I might be a bit of a fangirl (also note last weeks episode which is Live at the Comedy Theatre, I was there, I am one of the screaming people, that is all)

2. Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum & C-Firma Day Serum
Ok, now that I've finished having my fangirl moment (oops) on with the actual beauty things. Now I must admit I didn't want to love t…

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