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Empties #3

Well now that the craziness of moving has finally started to wind down, I can finally get back to blogging. So here is my empties from before my move, I wasn't going to move empties across the state.

Bare Minerals Blemish Ready Anti Imperfection Treatment Gelee Cleanser

Well that would be a mouthful if this was a video instead of a blog post. This was actually my second tube of this cleanser, and I personally really like it. It's definitely not a miracle product or anything but it does keep my acne to a minimum while not drying & stripping my skin completely bare. I have already purchased a new tube that is on the go now.

Benefit Gimme Brow 

As someone who has naturally quite full (maybe too full sometimes) brows, a tinted fibre brow gel like this is all I need for a daily brow. This mini lasted for ages so I think the full size would be value for money. I'm definitely going to repurchase this next time I'm near a Benefit counter (September, now that I live in the mi…

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