April Goals

New kind of post to the blog, I've been feeling like shaking things up a little around here. I know it is probably a tiny bit late to be posting this for the month but I've decided to post it anyway. (I really wanted to get the skincare post out first.) Now lets get on with my goals for the month of April.

Take Care of My Mental Health

Particularly when it comes around to this time of university semester where assignments start to come in fast & heavy I tend to forget to take "me" time to protect my mental health. I quickly end up burning out resulting in even more stress. I need to remember that while the highest grade is great, it's not worth sacrificing my mental (and physical) health over.

Rotate My Makeup 

I often end up in ruts of constantly using the same makeup each & every day. Recently I've been trying to remember to rotate my makeup especially eyeshadow & lipstick so I don't end up in a rut. I've really been loving re-discovering old favourites and remembering why I loved them.

Read At Least 1 Non-Uni Book

I absolutely love reading, but I find during term time I often forget to read for enjoyment and only read the readings etc. for university. I currently have 2 library books on loan (1 overdue) so I really need to get back into reading to finish them off.

Remember To Eat 

I can imagine for a lot of people this seems like a really weird goal, as they can't imagine forgetting to eat. I however am the worst at remembering to actually eat food and will often only have something small when I wake up & dinner. So I'm aiming to at least remember to eat lunch as well.

So everyone those are my goals for the remaining weeks of April,


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