Spending Money I Don't Have

Well, despite the title I did actually have the money obviously because I bought the things.
So Sephora finally opened a store in actual Brisbane, so a few days after the opening (I was not ready for the craziness that was the opening day, not for me) I decided to go check it out. I did go in with the intention to not buy anything but you can guess how that went. So here is the haul that really shouldn't have happened.

Zoeva Caramel Melange 

I have actually been lusting after this palette for what seems like an eternity, and both times I've been to Sephora previously out of stock. I have the Cocoa Blend palette and I honestly absolutely love it. It is actually probably the best and most consistent of all my palettes. So I knew when they announced the Caramel Melange that I would have to add this warmer version to my collection. Although I haven't used this on the eyes yet, I may love this more than my Cocoa Blend. Liquid Centre is just the most intense metallic I have ever seen in a powder eyeshadow, and I kind of want to cover my whole body in it (obviously not going to, that is a waste of such a beautiful eyeshadow).

Zoeva 105 Luxe Highlight Brush

Despite the large amount of makeup that I own, I shockingly only own a very small collection of brushes. I also had never tried any Zoeva brushes, even though I love their palettes (as is seen in the entry above). I decided to try this brush as I don't actually own any brushes to apply highlight (I have been using an eyeshadow brush). I haven't used to apply highlight but it feels beautifully soft on my face and seems like a good size.

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Famous Red

My love of red lipstick is pretty well documented across my social media, in a way it has almost become my signature. Another well known fact is that I probably don't need another red lipstick, but I say you can't ever have too many. Famous Red is one of the new additions to the Velvet Matte range. I always thought the iconic Dragon Girl would be my first purchase from the Velvet Matte range until this colour came along. To me Famous Red seems to have a more coral undertone, which recently I have been preferring to the cooler undertone of Dragon Girl (which will probably find it's way in to my collection sooner or later). I have been picturing my perfect red in my head for a while, and was even going to get in custom made. Then this colour came into my life and it was exactly what I was picturing in my head.

So that completes my small haul of new purchases that I really shouldn't have made but did anyway.
- Bec


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